Creatives We Love: Katt San Juan

Creatives We Love: Katt San Juan | Design Made Happy

Three years ago, creative wanderer, Katrina San Juan, came up with the Daykeeper – a planner to encourage the traveling and art folks to live life to the fullest, to keep track of things that made them smile.

Creatives We Love: Katt San Juan | Design Made Happy

Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests that encouraged you to create the Daykeeper?

I’m a 20 something millennial in her quarter life – and the Daykeeper is something I came up with while travelling. I was 20, fresh out of college on a 6-month trip abroad, trying to discover what I really wanted to do. I was devoid of a schedule and there weren’t any meetings, projects or quiz schedules I could fill my agenda with, so instead of that, my datebook was filled the little things that made me smile each day. On my daily train rides, I took down observations from my people watching afternoons in the city, the new dessert place I got to try, the phone call I got from my mom-the many little things that add up and have made me more grateful and happy.

The Daykeeper is sort of, I would say a combination of my interests over the last couple of years-interests like travel, photography, the great outdoors, art, stationary collecting, Jesus and writing. I’ve always been interested in these things and being able to create something that allows me to pursue all of these hobbies has truly been a beautiful experience. Putting the Daykeeper out there was an act of courage and it was all about purely hoping and believing I had kindred spirits out there in the world who’d genuinely enjoy the datebook and who were also interested in the same things. I’ve been really blessed to find that these kindred spirits were indeed out there and they have embraced the datebook as their own- as something that also resonates with their lives and something that is reflective of their dreams. Somehow, being part of someone’s journey through the Daykeeper is truly amazing.

Among the places you’ve been to, which one is your favourite? And why?

It’s hard to choose just one favourite place, but I think I would have to say the whole of California in general. I visit almost every year and I draw a lot of inspiration from it. I like how it’s got a lot of artsy spots and good coffee shops in its cities and at the same time there’s a whole lot of natural beauty all over the state. You can go on gorgeous hikes, go camping in the woods and there are tons of stunning cliffs overlooking the ocean. Not to mention, the golden hour light that goes on forever is any photographer/cinematographer’s dream. I love California’s energy, it’s weather it’s people! I always come home mega inspired from trips there.

Do you follow a specific routine every day?

Yes, I kind of do. When I don’t have shoots, I wake up early – brew my coffee, read up on a nice devo and then go excercise (I’ve been really trying to do this everyday now that I’m getting older) – I then start a full work day around 10 am until 6. I really try to get all my work done in the morning. I always feel like I need a lot of sun to energize all my tough pursuits, especially all the creative tasks. When the sun goes down, it’s pretty much downhill for me from there, workwise. I use my evenings to relax, read, watch movies and go out to dinner. Even if I get to control my working hours on most days, I try to keep a schedule and clock in at my favourite “coffice” at a regular time. I believe a bit of structure and some sort of routine always helps you get stuff done.

Wrote more about how I’ve been staying productive (by God’s grace!) here:

Creatives We Love: Katt San Juan | Design Made Happy

Now on its third year, what can we expect in The Daykeeper 2016?

It’s definitely got more pops of color this year. I’ve also collaborated with a few artists who have contributed some of their artwork and photographs to the datebook, so that’s always exciting. Also, It’s now more giftable than ever with a ready to go cardboard cover with a sticker, postcards and envelope that you can use to write a note on. It makes a lovely present for your travel and art loving friend. It still has the unlined, weekly and monthly layouts that the previous datebooks have had and it still has the photos and blank spaces you can doodle or scribble on. Oh, and be in the lookout for our “call to come alive” suggestions sprinkled randomly across the datebook.

Generally, this year’s Daykeeper has still got that dreamy vibe but it now has more of a “pop” flavor to it. It’s still that agenda/journal all rolled into one-hoping to help you be productive but still mindful and grateful of the little, beautiful things happening around you as you hustle.

Lastly, in your own words, why do you think good design makes people happy?

Good design in my opinion always comes from the heart and is always well thought of and personal. So, yeah- I think anything that’s done with passion and soul, is beautiful. That, I think, makes people happy.

The Daykeeper is now available for pre-order at

Creatives We Love: Katt San Juan | Design Made Happy

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