The Planner for Wanderers and Dreamers: The Daykeeper 2016

Between the delicious brownies and good music, Katrina San Juan shared her ethereal wisdom and creative process to her friends and admirers as she launched the Daykeeper 2016 last Friday at Heima Brixton.

In her talk, shared her three-step procedure to creativity: inspiration, process, and purpose. She also quoted a lot of insights from her favorite author, Austin Kleon, the writer of Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work! Katrina admits that she’s not being used to speaking in public, but we’d like to think that she’s a natural. She was eloquent, funny, and inspirational, and her planner is just about the same.

The Daykeeper 2016 planner is a beautiful journal/agenda that is filled with beautiful artworks, whimsical photographs and inspiring quotes to live by. The 164-paged unlined journal has all the space that will fit your everyday schedule, ideas, gratuity, and dreams.

To order for the Daykeeper 2016, fill up the form here.


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