Brewing Fresh Ideas and Great Coffee with Design Cafe PH

Design Cafe took off with a stellar collection of items that are proudly local. Months later, it has taken a step forward with redefining itself as a hub for brewing local creativity as well. From seminars, to workshops, to demos, we’ve had a lot of creative ideas brimming from all the events organized for Design Cafe.

Hearing all about unique designs had us craving for more of these sessions that inspire our local scene’s creatives. It wasn’t long before we decided to partner up with Plainsight Coffee to push forward Design Cafe’s stand through an invigorating sip of coffee, the warm ambience of a cafe, and the new ideas being shared alongside those hearty conversations.

More than just halloween candy, the 31st of October had its fill of coffee in the air. The launch of Plainsight Coffee’s cafe section introduced Design Cafe to their mobile cart. From the grinding of the coffee beans, to the foam art that tops off a hot cup of latte, the nifty cart was home to the Plainsight Coffee team’s artistry with their craft. To celebrate the welcoming of the new mainstays in Heima Brixton, the first 31 customers were given a free cup of coffee, and the rest were offered a 50% discount.

By 2:00pm, everyone took to their seats as another Design Cafe Workshop was in session. Plainsight Coffee shared their insights and personal experience in the world of coffee. From the industry’s rich history, to its unique tastes that are constantly renewed and rediscovered, Plainsight Coffee’s team pulled out all the stops in introducing specialty coffee to the workshop participants. They made sure to cover all aspects of both the art and science in brewing a great cup of coffee. Know-how is crucial, but they also made sure to emphasize that constant practice and exposure to new types and techniques in handling coffee (from its journey from a bean to a cup) is just as important.

Throughout the discussion, everyone was served up fresh brews that varied in the type of beans, the roasting process, the techniques in preparation, and more. Everyone was deep in conversation, ideas were shared, and cups of coffee were shared.

Perk up your day with that hit of caffeine to jumpstart your day. Catch Plainsight Coffee’s baristas at Design Cafe in Heima Brixton, every Fridays and Saturdays. Drop by and say hello!

To learn more about our upcoming #designcafeworkshops, Design Cafe’s line of local products, as well as the weekly cafe section by Plainsight Coffee in Heima Brixton, visit or


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