Day by Day: A Life Documented

Day by Day: A Life Documented | Design Made HappyBack in 2013, when I did one of my annual “spring” cleaning marathons, I unearthed a box filled with high school memories: tickets to the annual play, Battle of the Bands flyers, report cards, ID (with the not-so-nice photo of me), graduation photos, a Timezone card and lots of other items that I kept safe throughout my high school years.

I haven’t seen this box in about three or four years and it felt amazing taking the so-called trip to memory lane. I thought to myself, “I shouldn’t be keeping all these wonderful (and sometimes, painful) memories inside this box.” I wanted to find a way to safekeep these moments and at the same time, easily recall them.

I opened up my Pinterest app and started searching for memory-keeping methods. A lot of it felt too outdated, messy, time-consuming and just not my cup of tea… until I stumbled upon Project Life.

Day by Day: A Life Documented | Design Made Happy

Day by Day: A Life Documented | Design Made Happy

For the uninitiated, Project Life is a memory-keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. It’s a pocket-page system wherein each page consists of differently-sized pockets where you can insert photos, stories, and memorabilia.

This discovery ignited a fierce sense of creativity within me. I started creating my first album in 2014 and I don’t think I can ever look back.

I’m always inspired by a myriad of things but nature, design, and stories take the top ranks on my list. Nothing like a good adventure, awesome design, and a story that moves me to spark the sometimes-hibernating creativity within me.

Day by Day: A Life Documented | Design Made Happy

I do what I do because Project Life gives me easy access to my fading memories. It allows me to feel (sometimes literally, with all the ephemera I keep on my pages!) the way I did back then. It allows to me gauge how much I’ve changed and how much has remained the same through the years. It’s a tangible product that safekeeps my memory better than any other memory box or social media account. Facebook is awesome for documenting your daily travails, Instagram for your adventures, and Twitter for your thoughts. But nothing has stood the test of time better than the good ol’ physical memory book.

I do what I do because Project Life means a time for me to look back on my months and tell the stories that I’ve been accumulating. Working on my albums meant time for myself, my stories and a time for creating. The hour or so that I’ve scheduled during the weekends that I dedicated to Project Life has now transformed into a special “me time” and this day and age of fast-paced, 24/7 work ethic, it’s somewhat of a miracle.

Day by Day: A Life Documented | Design Made Happy

I do what I do because Project Life unleashes the Maker in me. That girl who loves playing with colors, cutting things up and gluing them together, creating a beautiful mess, and telling stories. The ease of putting together an album eliminates the intimidation that I used to feel when scrapbooking from a blank canvas. Despite the structured grids, Project Life is flexible enough to accommodate all the types of designs my brain makes up.

The best part? This is all for me. For my memories, for my family, for my future kids, for my older self. It’s a selfish act that allows me to feel lighter and brighter, creating a more vibrant version of myself.

And I have to say, that sounds pretty damn good.

Day by Day: A Life Documented | Design Made Happy

If you want a jumpstart to creating your own memory albums, I’m hosting my first ever workshop DAY BY DAY! It’s a Project Life 101 course designed to help you discover this incredible memory-keeping system and give you that nudge that you need to start documenting your days in a tangible, feel-it-in-your hands kind of way.

Join me for an afternoon of crafty goodness by registering at! Only a couple more days left before the workshop so make sure that you get your slot by signing up.

You’ll also receive an awesomesauce Workshop Kit with your very own:

  • 6×8” faux leather Project Life album (with 10 pcs. of page protectors!),
  • 125 pieces of Project Life cards (you can choose from three designs),
  • a glue runner + marker,
  • a pack of fun diecut shapes and,
  • the Day by Day Guidebook!

For more information, you can visit See you on November 14!

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