Say Hello to Your Heyday

“Heyday: the period of being in the prime; being in the highest of spirits and reaching the best that one can go for.”

Heima’s heyday is in reach, and with a fresh perspective and a penchant for quality designs, this paved the way for a new aesthetic. It took to heart a new wave of design with the same Heima philosophy of living happy beyond ordinary, all this, through the newest collection: Hello Heyday.

October 24, 2015 was met with a fresh new start. As the sun rose and quietly broke the dawn, a section of the Rockwell’s Powerplant mall was ready and prepped for the debut of Hello Heyday.

Shelves of solid pastel colors stood tall around the South Court’s fountain, alongside the walls that shared snippets of Heima’s story. The walls and platforms stood as a backdrop to highlight vignettes of rooms brought to life with the collection’s pieces.

Pass by the booth, and you’ll have a whiff of a light olive scent from our Olive Room Spray. People also had their pick out of the various different calling cards adorned with the patterns that brought the Hello Heyday collection to life. From soft pastels to bold blacks and whites, there was one made for everyone.

 Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy

The same can be said with the Lunchbreak Project’s weekly to-do desk pad lists, that added flair to the Paperclub’s new line of stationeries and organizers. This included boxes, pen holders, and magazine holders. One’s work desk can’t do without the ever trusty planner – and we brought in two different styles to suit your taste. The Daykeeper 2016 planner serves as the date book for dreamers that aspire and constantly work towards their passions, their goals, and their day-to-day adventures. It’s chock full of amazing photographs and inspirational quotes. The Frankie 2016 Daily Journal goes for a more streamlined touch as its pages are mostly blank canvases for your daily notes, with every month having a bright burst of color running alongside the frames of the pages. It’s filled with tags and stickers as well! Both planners bring out the color and whimsy to one’s days, and can easily be the trusty companion to for a fresh new start to the year.

Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy

Lush greens filled up the Heima pop-up booth too, with full rounded leaves spread out and towering alongside the pastel walls. Delicate leaves and vines cascaded down the shelves,  with billowing plants taking center stage with the Hello Heyday’s planters. These are matched with the fresh blooms from the items decorated with the floral pattern, the monstera leaves pattern, as well as the palm leaves motif neutralized with the raw and the urban in concrete. Alongside these are the black marble prints that have subtle sinews of white that add edge to the stark black. The spontaneity in the XO theme adds bold energy, opposite to how the theme of sharp geometric lines and cuts were softened with pastel colors. Different they may be, each pattern stays true to the color of going for a fresh and new take on the classic themes.

Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy
The different sub-brands stuck to the same outlook as well. MY APT.’s vignette headed for deep wooden tones, dark hues, and monochromatic patterns. Paperclub items were camped in every shelf, as “Oh Joy!”, “Spaces by Frankie”, “Frankie”, and other magazines and books allowed every nook to brim with creativity. The pastel-colored walls were illuminated with spotlights that directed their attention to the wall art pieces inspired by the six patterns. However, these were mere complements to the main attraction – the Hello Heyday furniture. A top-notch line-up was up front and center, and they managed to evoke the timelessness of the classics, while still being able to inject personality and style with every color thrown in, every pattern laid out, and every fabric stitched into place.

Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy Say Hello to Your Heyday | Design Made Happy

With each item set in place (and not a pillow out of line!) the whole pop-up store turned out well, but not without the effort and passion out into it by the whole team. Months of preparation, meticulous planning, and constant revisions concluded with everyone pitching in to aide with the final set up. A ton of creative styling had a hand in this, and aiming for perfection called for lots of last minute revisions of course!

Everyone in the team wanted to go for #designmadehappy, and we earned just that with pooling in each and every one’s role into the collection. From all of us in Heima, we’d love to say thank you to everyone that dropped by and to everyone that looked forward to the release as much as we did.

We want you to live out the same vigor and passion we’ve poured out to get to the prime of our days, so join us, and let’s say hello to our heyday! #HelloHeyday

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