The Muses to Our Daily Musings: The 365 Wonders 2016 Planner

Woman, Create is local platform that aims to engage and empower young, multi-faceted women through arts, design, and (fun) discourse on relevant issues of the modern woman. Through various channels such as workshops, online discussions, meetups, art fairs, creative talks, and issue-specific advocacies, the overall goal aims to change perspectives from “I can’t” to “I can”. Empowerment, therefore, comes from small wins; the ability to do what one initially thought they could not do.

By creating more, one can be more.

The Muses to Our Daily Musings: The 365 Wonders 2016 Planner | Design Made Happy

365 Wonders 2016 Planner is Woman, Create’s biggest project of its launch year. It is a planner that aims to inspire everyday through art, poetry, and thought-provoking prompts. It is a book that contains glimpses of Universes taken from view points of talented local artists, writers,and dreamers across the city.

Its conception sprung from the following thoughts in subsequent order:

“I am so tired of spending so much money on a year planner that look so pretty on the outside, but never consistently as pretty on the inside.”

“This is not enough.”  ” Are designers getting lazy these days?”

“I am turning into a she-zombie and not getting anything done.”

“I have stopped using this planner. Still not getting anything done, while no longer inspired with life.”

The conception of this planner began with a feeling of exasperation. I, impatient and always seeking, thirsted for more than just a “trending” planner – listless after the hype has died and never aesthetically pretty on the inside as they were on the outside. The most designed portions were only contained within Month Openers. As an artist, I hungered for pages that were more design-wise; pages that would urge me to go on with actual life rejuvenated despite being overwhelmed by everyday tasks.

That was never the case, and up to this day, I do not yet possess a planner that has ever been filled from end to end.

The Muses to Our Daily Musings: The 365 Wonders 2016 Planner | Design Made Happy

Combining this frustrated search along with Woman, Create’s ongoing advocacy of inspiring creativity through various means, a planner was one long-term idea to continuously push for inspiration without putting up a full-scale event. A quieter, more intimate form of inspiration, one that need only the Self to come to terms with.

‘Inspiration’. A word so common, as easily thrown out in most supposed-motivational speeches and brand marketing campaigns; a word a lot like ‘love’, that often eludes all of us in reality. Most days, we run about our lives listless and overwhelmed of routinous tasks, forever seeking The Muse everywhere we go, everyday of our lives.

The Muses to Our Daily Musings: The 365 Wonders 2016 Planner | Design Made Happy

Because of the Muse’s constant Evasion, I sought out Greek mythology and found inspiration from the essences of The 9 Muses – Muses that inspired Epic Moments, Love, Comedy, Dance, Tragedy, Cosmic and Spatial Transcendence, Music, Odes to God, History. Other months revolved around Goddesses that inspired tribute to Empowerment and Motherhood and finally, a way into becoming the 10th Muse through one’s own means.

These Muses have greatly helped in curating all contributions with sense and purpose – and while this planner doesn’t typically follow the seasons of the year, they still try to remain relevant to the time and experience we all go through as a whole. Like what makes a year in a life, we continuously remain grounded by the essences each Muse represents.

The decision to involve contributions from a myriad of artists, writers, and individuals who have much to say was not a difficult one. I personally did not want to create a planner that featured only my works, for as an artist, I too struggle with seeking the Muse and understand that Art is not about the Self, although it starts from there.

If inspiration should occur for 365 days, it cannot be shouldered by one individual but many – 76, in this case, in order to create a book that actually brims of 365 wonders.

The Muses to Our Daily Musings: The 365 Wonders 2016 Planner | Design Made Happy

The Muses to Our Daily Musings: The 365 Wonders 2016 Planner | Design Made Happy

We’re inviting you to the 365 Wonders 2016 Planner Launch

Join us on November 28, 2015 at Heima Brixton for a day of creativity as we the launch of the 365 Wonders 2016 Planner. The launch event includes a special Postcard Exhibit featuring all of the artists’ contributed works. Live performances by Clara Benin, Toni B, Dearest, Luxe Calip, Ja Quintana and other surprise performances and creative talks will occur. Event is for free.


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