10 Alabama: Where Creative Minds Go Wild

Creative minds are rarely tidy. So where better to house some of the best crafters than in the cluttered space of 10 Alabama’s Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery?

I remember the first time I set foot at 10 Alabama. It was by chance 2 years ago for one of their Handmade Arts and Crafts Fairs. And even after all the other times that followed, while I might have already seen it all, I knew that there was so much more to see.

It’s because every visit in this small yet whimsical space is a different experience. There’s always something new to find and something out of the ordinary like an armless mannequin lounging in a tub out at the yard, an origami crane fan chandelier, a disco ball sitting on the floor labeled “free”, and the list goes on and on. Weird isn’t weird here. Here, creativity can run wild and free.

So every chance there is, I find myself back in the space enveloped by its creative chaos and its boundless creativity.

Last weekend, with its doors open wide, another Handmade Arts and Crafts Fair called out to me.  And of course, I made sure to be there.

The gate will charm you. You’re not even in yet but anyone who passes by 10 Alabama ends up curious about what’s inside. In the dust and rubble you’ll find the most mundane of items coming to life: a repurposed stove over here, a repurposed CPU over there. Literally, you will find another man’s junk remade into treasure. And the same goes for most of the crafters who set up shop. You will find them selling old comic book covers turned into pouches, empty liquor bottles made into lamps, and much more. The old is turned into new, and the forgotten is remade with purpose again.

I guess, that’s what 10 Alabama’s Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery is all about. Like from its name, it’s a space where the dead rise and come back to life, as gory as it may sound. It’s where new life is given to even the most ignored. It’s a place where creative ideas are challenged more than killed, and where creativity embraces the chaos. Making it, in my opinion, one of the best spaces to appreciate the hard work and inventiveness that comes with arts and crafts.

So the next time you might be around the E. Rodriguez Avenue, drive into 10 Alabama. You’ll understand then just how inspired you’ll be by the kind of creativity the space holds!


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