Inspiration of the Week: Brittni Mehlhoff

For all of you aspiring full time bloggers out there, be confident in the fact that yes, your dreams are within reach!

Our Inspiration of the Week, Brittni Mehlhoff proves just that. What started out as her online journal of inspiration is now Paper & Stitch, a warm sanctuary on the internet where you can read about home décor, DIY, fashion, travel, and even fun recipes.

Broadcasting her voice all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, Brittni speaks to us in the approachable tone of a good friend. She shares with us her design ideas and travel plans in full, living color that always feels both perfect yet completely natural. All of it makes sense and yet, all of it is absolutely whimsical. The website is a reflection of her own style which she describes as “organic modern with a little bit of mid-century.”

What we love best about Brittni is how she transforms her resourcefulness and creativity in DIY-goodness that all of us can enjoy. When you visit, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands because for sure, you’re going to want to try out all the fun DIY tutorials she has in store for you. From coffee milkshakes to photo booth backdrops, cereal cannolis to watercolor napkins, and asymmetrical necklaces to office organizers – she does all of them herself and you can too. Even if you aren’t exactly into DIY, Paper & Stitch is eye candy that’ll leave you feeling a little lighter on the inside.

Beyond the color, the comfort, and the beauty of her eye, Brittni inspires us because she shares with all of us the idea that it’s entirely within our power to make our spaces wonderful. Thank you, Brittni!

In our own words, Brittni’s style feels like getting a big, warm hug. Bookmark her page for a happy, shiny browsing experience.

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