Blissfully Wrapped with Martine De Luna

Written by Martine de Luna

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,” so goes an old adage from the Good Book. As a person who loves giving gifts, I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly! I believe gifting isn’t just about shopping for someone and handing them a parcel with a tag. I believe gifting is supposed to be purposeful, from the item inside the package to the wrappings that adorn it. This is why last December 6th, my blog workshop series, the Make it Blissful Workshops, collaborated with Heima’s Design Café on a little gathering attuned to the holiday season.

Dubbed the “Giftwrap Gathering”, it was a free-flowing workshop with an objective: To teach people to thoughtfully wrap their gifts, be they for the holidays or for gifting throughout the year. It was warmly attended by 11 gorgeous ladies, mostly my blog readers, who are also Heima fans.

Design Cafe is Heima’s hub for creative works in collaboration with local artists, and also serves as a venue to brew creativity through seminars, workshops, and talks. For this season, Plainsight Coffee serves freshly brewed coffee every Fridays and Saturdays for Design Cafe. It is located in Heima’s Pasig Branch, Heima Brixton, which was the venue for this workshop.

Collaborating with Design Café and Heima on my giftwrapping workshop was more a “giving back” type of gathering than anything. I don’t consider myself a professional “gift wrapper” (if such a blessed profession exists, let me know!), but I am a huge advocate for doing things meaningfully. The main point of giftwrapping is to give the recipient a whole experience of thoughtfulness and generosity.

The gathering featured a “giftwrap buffet” containing a selection of giftwrap materials that were both foraged and generously sponsored. Bee Happy Crafts provided kraft paper bags, embellishments, parcel tags, satin ribbons, and a Dymow with tapes; Noteworthy provided handmade clay tags that doubled as embellishments and gift toppers; Lunchbreak Project and Postscript Designs supplied several wrappers in year-round themes and patterns; and I brought giftwrap supplies, papers and other found/upcycled materials from my own arsenal.

After doing some simple demonstrations on how to upcycle things like old shopping bags (plus, a short portion on complimenting colors, textures and patterns when choosing giftwrap materials), the participants were all eager to wrap their presents. Yes, they brought actual presents for wrapping, as I requested, so that the gathering would have some real output!

Everyone dove in right away, as you’ll see from the photos. It was a delight to see the ladies mixing and matching mediums and materials, combining colors and embellishments, and personalizing their wrappers, too.

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