Inspiration of the Week: Zilverblauw

Like a glass of lemonade on a hot, summer day, Zilverblauw’s design aesthetic is a refreshing breakaway from boring, old everyday sights. Dutch company Ontwepbureau Zilverblauw or simply Silver Blue Design Office in English (it isn’t as intimidating as it seemed in Dutch, huh?) is an agency that has been sending out good vibes through design since 2004.

The creative duo behind the brand, photographer Anki Wijnen and graphic artist Casper Boot provide a wide range of design- related services for websites, blogs, posters, wallpapers, and products. They have a distinct minimalist style that resonates a young, fresh and sleek feel to their designs. However, contradictory to the meaning of their name— Zilverblauw’s contemporary style does not include a lot of silver nor blue. Instead, they pleasantly use pinks and whites with unexpected pops of color!

Zilverblauw has definitely become a one-stop shop for style- savvy millennials as they also offer photography services (owning an impressive collection of photographs featuring home interiors, events, book content, and children to name a few), content for social media, online marketing advice, and, of course, home styling.

Everything starts at home—and Anki and Casper prove just that by incorporating their innovative design- centric ideas in their own space. Sharing a home with their two kids, Wolf and Mus, in the Netherlands, these two actively share photographs of their beautifully designed and styled home on Instagram using the @ zilverblauw account. Similar to their over-all design aesthetic, their home hones a minimalistic design: sporting a white on white wall to floor ratio, flaunting a ton of pink as a major accent color and accessorizing rooms with bold pops of color!

(Un)surprisingly, their house is a home not only to their family but also to countless amazing and unique pieces that are to die for! Here are some of the many (and talk about many) pieces that will keep you on the look out to grab one for yourself!

1. Cactus Vase
As you aimlessly scroll through their candy-colored feed, you’ll definitely stop to make a double tap on photos that feature their cactus vase. A narrow yet thoughtfully designed vase, this emerald green conversation piece will surely get everyone talking!

2. Mini Marquee Sign
Remember how you admired the cool marquee signs at movie houses on your last trip abroad? Well, Anki and Casper have their own mini version at home! Not only is it super cute, the couple frequently rearranges the letters and leave quirky little messages for their followers! (Aww, they’re so cute!)

3. Cardboard Foosball Machine
Yep—you read it right. They own a fully functional cardboard foosball machine that even adjusts in height! Is that amazeballs or what?

4. Pink Refrigerator
Standing tall against their crisp, white kitchen wall is a huge, Barbie-pink SMEG refrigerator! (Ugh, every girl’s dream kitchen!)

5. CMYK hoeklamp
A personal favorite of Anki is the CMYK hoeklamp statement piece. Camouflaged when turned off, this lamp definitely cannot go unnoticed when once flipped on as brightens up the whole room! The reflection of neon lights on the white wall brings a luminous glow for all to admire.

With their eye for good design and style, Anik and Casper of @zilverblauw are so worth following! What pieces did you like?

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