Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin

“Welcome the resistance. Join Ride Revolution”

If their tagline is referring to the urge to break away from routine to try out something new, then yes, it might take a revolution for some of us to welcome the resistance. But what exactly makes this spinning studio different from other gyms? Is there anything about it that’s revolutionary? We’re all about taking cues from great design, and we’re adding Ride Revolution’s studio to the queue of design concepts worth checking out.

Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin | Design Made Happy

The team behind the space’s look was handled by Rossy Yabut-Rojales, Kim Abla, and Janlyn de Leon of Heim Interiors. I got to sit down with them and hear just how they were able to come up with the final look that’s worthy of the studio’s true grit and high-octane charm.

In big bright letters, the words “Ride Revolution” greets you by the reception area – a stark contrast from the black brick wall around it. The workout clothes, cycling shoes, and all the other merchandise are displayed and framed with industrial pipes. Neon lights make up the Ride Revolution logo against one wall, by the lounging area where complimentary lemon water is served up. Once clipped in and ready to ride, the studio’s lights are dimmed, save for a few rays of colorful flashing lights keeping up with the playlist-ready instructor’s energy. Cold-pressed drinks and healthy snacks are up for grabs during breaks, with the decal stickers on the walls constantly reminding you of this fitness revolution you’re signing up for.

Ride Revolution’s strong suit is in creating a balance in energy – both in the workout’s intensity, as well as with the fun experience. Merely stepping in the studio already exudes a jolt of energy to prep you for those 50 minutes of blood-pumping excitement to come. The interiors are an integral part of what ties all of these together, and is something we’re already counting as design made happy.

Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin | Design Made Happy

The 1st proposal from Ride Revolution (initially named Rocket Ride) and its design evolution


Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin | Design Made Happy

The 2nd proposal from Ride Revolution’s design evolution

The studio’s owners, Noel and Viv Tordesillas, came up to Heim Interiors with a brief and the general theme of what they were going for. This made it much easier for Heim Interiors to have a grasp of the concept. A couple of brainstorming sessions and a ton of ideas later, the Heim Interiors team got straight to work in incorporating the developed branding to the studio. Even with the sudden increase in space after the initial designs were already made, going back to the old drawing board proved to be a challenge worth taking. The team tackled this sudden change head on, and only saw bigger space as having bigger design opportunities. Alongside this increase in space, the designs behind the studio were also met with a lot of changes that helped fine-tune the look to what it finally came to be.

The branding cemented the identity, and all the design aspects were incorporated in the interiors as well, from the inclusion of the logos and phrases onto the walls, to the use of sleek lines to relay speed and motion, as well as the colors used.

Having bike-related details for the look was placed at a minimum. The workout bikes themselves were more than enough, and Heim Interiors sought to use other design elements as the very arsenal to convey the energy and excitement that the bikes implied. It was all about making the most out of this experience through other design touch points.

Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin | Design Made Happy

Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin | Design Made Happy

The final design for the studio

They wanted to veer away from the norm when it came to the usual idea of a gym. “Even if they’re spruced up, gyms typically look boring”, notes Rossy, Heim Interiors’ head designer. With a cookie-cutter finish common to most gyms, the design team wanted to build a space that looks very current, and is attuned with the target market: the go-getters that live an active lifestyle. They’re the type to vie for the best, without forgetting how to inject fun right alongside their goals. “We also didn’t want it to look too feminine, or too masculine”, adds Rossy. The concept was focused on having an ambiance that’s comfortable for anyone and everyone that drops by the studio.

More than just a place to work out, Ride Revolution’s adrenaline rush running on upbeat tunes and hype is also built on people that are rooted in going for your best. For beginners, aside from questioning in your head whether your legs are still alive by the end of the class (Don’t worry, you’re not alone on this! It won’t be long ‘til you warm up to this great exercise), the adrenaline rush from the music and the instructor’s every word is a heavy blow to what you could’ve missed out on the bike. Everyone who’s in on the Ride Revolution experience pretty much adds up to how this spinning studio is making waves all over the metro.

Ride Revolution: Taking Great Design Out for a Spin | Design Made Happy

The Heima and Heim Interiors team after taking a Rev Lite class at Ride Revolution

The community that Ride Revolution fosters was a crucial point considered as well. A lounging area was put up especially for having a chat during down time. The concept was to have a dark and moody hang out space, similar to the ambience that certain cafes evoke. The space was made to invite everyone to socialize through the addition of seating areas, and lots of open spaces.

The team was adamant into adding in certain design components to complete this overall look for the studio. For starters, Noel and Viv were very keen on having wooden elements to the design. Rossy claims that “Spinning on the bike is tiring. Wood, on a certain level, helps give the effect of a cozy and a home-y feel without directly putting this message out there.” The team also avoided shiny and metallic designs, to further emphasize the comfortable environment that doesn’t impose a cold and rigid persona.

“The colors and the lighting used are what made a difference”, shares Kim. Other cycling studios, and gyms in general, always went for bright and well-lit spaces. In line with Ride Revolution’s party-on-a-bike concept with flashing lights and music, the rest of the studio was designed with a sleek and dark palette to counter this. In fact, the team wanted to take it further with plans of having dimmer lighting, coupled with a few spotlights dedicated to certain details worth emphasizing. “However, our clients Viv and Noel were happy with the current set-up, so we decided to stick to the lighting we have now”, shares Rossy.

With the onslaught of ideas being thrown in from all directions, it’s no surprise that it was only through collaboration and focused planning that Ride Revolution came to be the latest cycling studio to take Manila’s fitness trend by storm.

Ride Revolution is a spinning studio located in 3/F Steps Dance Studio building, 8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati city, Metro Manila, Philippines. Learn more about it at www.riderevolution.ph.

Heim Interiors is an interior design firm, which happens to be neighbors with Ride Revolution! Find them at the same address too. Learn more about them at www.heiminteriors.com.

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