Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box

We’re already three months into 2016! Gosh, that was quick! Now, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Everything on that New Year’s bucket-list was written down for a reason. Do not lose focus! To all of you who want to try something new this year, why not take your chances at acquiring a new talent? It won’t be easy, but who knows? it could just be your calling.

There’s a fresh new box out in the market and it’s got watercolor written all over it! Before you go on sulking and wishing that Santa snuck this box under your Christmas tree, stop yourself ‘cause it isn’t too late to grab one yourself! Ditch the art stalking and start making. Thinking, “here goes nothing” could be the beginning of something!

Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy







And that’s pretty much what the Creative Watercolor box is all about. It’s for all you curious kids and adventurous souls, who want to dabble into the arts head first. Don’t worry because it’s pretty legit! I mean, Raine Sarmiento made it, and isn’t that proof enough that it is guaranteed to help you succeed?

Side note: if you don’t know who I’m talking about, you should probably go get your phone and type her up! But beware: you’re in for a serious scroll frenzy as soon as you hit that Instagram follow button.

Raine came up with this box with the help of her sister Violet, who happens to own a wood furniture business. They would always be in talks about making a product like this, but they’d always put it off. It was only after a good year of workshops and exhibits that Raine finally found a good reason to pursue the dream. Last December 2015, with the help of Sunday Paper and Heima, the Creative Watercolor Box finally came out!

Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy

That means no more art interruptions for her this 2016. Since her box is out, it means she’s back to 5-8 illustrations every month until the end of the year! Sounds like another crazy 12 months for Raine but I’m sure it’s all good vibes and good times because she loves what she does.

In a quick chitchat with the artist, Raine mentioned how thankful she was for this creative chaos saying, “I really love what I do, and I try to dedicate time to create art as much as I can.” I went on asking questions to find out more about the artist turned entrepreneur:

How does a typical workday look like in your shoes?

“Normally I would spend 10 hours working, starting 2pm to midnight. Sometimes I extend until like 4am. But there’s a lot of procrastination in between those hours, like the time I browse Pinterest or other art websites and books for inspiration, and the time I eat desserts so I can think uniquely (well to my theory that is).”

What does your workspace look like?

Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy


“It is really small. I occupy a portion in our house’s second floor where there is good lighting. We have cats so I try to keep my table cat-friendly. There are no plants to draw attention to it, and my stock of materials are all in a drawer, only to be pulled out only when I am to paint.”

How did you kick start your art career?

“I only self-studied watercolor back in 2012. I recall craving for an ice cream one afternoon and later on drawing a girl holding a Magnum, and that was it!”

“I began posting my digital works on Tumblr during my days off from my former work as a Creative Artist in a design agency. After I gathered enough pieces to build a portfolio, I tried my luck with Candy Magazine. When my work got published, I started getting commission works from bloggers around the globe, and local brands. I started living the dream, which was to be an illustrator with my own style!”

How would you describe your style, your choice of color scheme and characters? How much of you is reflected in it?

“My artist friends and me have always noticed how a certain artwork looked like the artists who created it. I think your personality, preferences and taste would really reflect on your work.”

Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy


“A lot of people tell me that my color scheme is muted. I compare it to my taste in beverages, since I never add sugar to them! I want my works to look calm and relaxed because I can’t stare at an artwork too bright or too dark, it’s disturbing and stressful to the eyes. As for the characters a lot of them aren’t referenced from an actual person. Maybe the consistency in their appearance came from my mannerism and routine in drawing the human face? But for instances that I need to use references for expressions, I usually look up Lily Cole on Pinterest.”

Is there an art element you enjoy working with most? Why?

“I really enjoy working on a female’s face. I find it very interesting, and easy to do because of familiarity. Every time that I start painting on the skin, I rush on to the other details so I can finally see how she looks.


I think it’s my favorite element because I grew up watching fairy tales with princesses, and playing Barbie and paper dolls. They are what I used to see everyday; it was like I didn’t have any choice but to admire their features. I think what surrounded me when I was a little girl had a lot of contribution to my preferences today.”

How do you want people to respond to your art?

Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy


“I want people to feel relaxed, yet imaginative when they are looking at my artwork. I really love it when they come up with their own stories and interpretations with my pieces. It is also a bonus if I could get them to pick up the brush and create artworks of their own!

So if you are still looking to be a little inspired this 2016, Raine’s Creative Watercolor Box will probably be your best bet. You won’t just be learning something new, you’ll also be helping Raine’s dream come true! She’s all about spreading the love and stimulating potential talent. Who knows, in a year or two, you could probably be as kick-ass with watercolor too!”

Raine Sarmiento: Creative Watercolor Box | Design Made Happy



Find out more about Raine and her work by visiting her website http://rainesarmiento.com/ or by having a scroll-a-thon on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rainesarmiento/.


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