Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary


Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy
Heading out for a quick break in Greenhills Shopping Center? Why not squeeze in a bit of time to freshen up and go for a bold new look? Take a trip to Brow Lounge, and you won’t even need an introduction to this bright and lively spot nestled right in the mall’s busy Bridgeway.

With the first few branches designed by Heim Interiors’ Rossy Yabut-Rojales, this latest branch was co-designed by Karen Pascual and managed by Barbra Sy. It’s thanks to these designers that your next 15 minute pamper session in Brow Lounge can also be those 15 minutes of the day’s energetic recharge in a relaxing and ambient space.

Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy

Brow Lounge owners Malou and Erich Taca were set to continuously expand their business through additional branches. Although located in different areas, they wanted each one to remain unique with a personality, while still retaining the brand’s vision of a contemporary place that’s bright and invigorating. With the Greenhills branch being one of the many they have under their belt, they were very hands on with bringing the design to life.

This branch had their trademark eye-catching yellows, teals, pinks, and browns that resonate all over the space. They also threw in some pattern with their floor tiles, texture with the brick-style walls, and accent pieces with their furniture picks and the typography on walls.

Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy

All these were smoothly brought together by the small details that really made a big difference, Barbra recounts. Limited by the low ceiling set-up, the design team played around with various elements for an illusion of spacious interiors. For the walls, they stuck to light colors with a predominantly white brick wall on one side, and the ceiling was also painted white for a sense of continuity and a wide open space. The exposed pipings were also painted white, to let it camouflage with the rest of the space.

Barbra adds that the three doors open via acrylic push plates, and they blend in with the rest of the simulated brick wall. This further utilizes that expanse of space with the phrase “brow-tastic day” painted in large letters. Wall sconce lighting fixtures and directional tracklights facing the hand-painted typography further illuminates the whole salon.

Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy Brow Lounge: Colorful and Contemporary | Design Made Happy


Altogether, they create a look and experience that’s all about conveying a happy vibe. The Heim Interiors design team interpreted this in all the areas of Brow Lounge, which includes the reception area, lounge area, threading area, waxing rooms, and pantry for the Brow Lounge team.

Check out the latest eyebrow grooming and waxing salon that has “design made happy” spread out in every corner. Visit Brow Lounge Greenhills to experience it for yourself!


Brow Lounge, Greenhills Shopping Center branch
Interiors: Heim Interiors
Client: “Brow Lounge” salon for Malou Taca and Erich Taca of Brow Makers Inc.
Project duration: February 1, 2016 – April 14, 2016
Photos: Paolo Razon


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