A Happy Home Collection

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus

In Design Made Happy, we take delight and appreciation on all things happy. As the ber months take place, a collection unlike any other sets in motion. Heima takes pride in a collection that beams its own energy through its design, definitely making a statement for every household that owns it. This collection named Happy Home celebrates happiness in the form of melamine plates, curtains, and pillows, which will surely have a special addition to your home. 

Heima in collaboration with Melawares and Simply Curtains, decided to team up to make Happy Home come to life.

The humble beginnings of the Happy Home collection came from the inspiration of different personalities Heima resembles. In coming up with a design, Heima’s very own Creative Director, Rossy Anne Rojales, and designer, Celina Borromeo experimented with different plays on textures, colors, and patterns. They were inspired with using the kind of design that best represent those who revolve happiness in everything they do. Through series of pattern studies, designer, Celina, in collaboration with the rest of the team, was able to conceptualise the right patterns fit for the collection. 

Through all the mood boards, patterns, themes and color studies, the team decided to launch two designs in one collection: Sugars Flowers and Soft Geometry.

With that, Happy Home is born.

On Sugar Flowers:

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made HappyA Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

Inspired by peonies, this collection holds its own personality and displays of their lush, full, and rounded bloom patterns. The detailed gradients to the soft petals are reminiscent of the fullness and depth of something as light and delicate as a flower. Sugar Flowers displays a kind of design that breathes in a younger, fresher, and a more welcoming feel. The colors are light and calming, and the drawing-style strokes give off a relaxed personality.

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

The palette and patterns used here revolves around a type of shabby chic. Think: garden parties, quiet nooks, baking cupcakes, DIY-style wooden chairs restored with a white new coat of paint, vases brimming with flowers, etc.

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

The six different colors used here are all relevant in pinpointing the various elements in the detailed floral pattern. The dominance in the lighter and warmer colors were outlined with the dark blues and greens. Gold is a crucial element to this palette, because it creates the idea of elegance inscribed in nature, and in all other things we consider as common yet also still unique in themselves.

On Soft Geometry:

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

The mod era of the 60’s resonated the idea of clean lines, sharp contrasts, and the grandeur of vivid colors. This was the springboard to developing the idea of using clean and simple shapes, while still reflecting a bold sense of style.

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

This collection uses pastel colors in patches, in patterns, and in lines. The soft hues are a great contrast to the striking sophistication of marble and gold. The idiosyncrasies to the slight curves to the lines, as well as the asymmetrical cuts, add to the warm and playful tone that Heima lives by.

A Happy Home Collection | Design Made Happy

The pale green and pink is a soft contrast to the strong hues of yellow and blue. At the same time, the green and the blue counts as cool colors, while the pink and the yellow are grouped together as warm colors. The contrasts create a well thought out balance to bring out the best in all colors.This best represents the balance in the timelessness of simplicity, and the modernity of classy and stylish elements.

Overall, the two collections no matter how different the personalities, both have a common denominator which is appreciation for design, and the little details. Happy Home speaks a lot about Heima because our philosophy is doing and bringing happiness in all things around us. Its about bringing a kind of collection into your home like something as seemingly mundane as curtains, pillows, and plates, and making them come to life.

Happy Home collection is available in selected SM stores  (SM Aura, North Edsa, Megamall, Makati, MOA and Aura) and Heima Store No.103 Three Brixton St. Brgy. Pasig 1603, Brixton St, Pasig, Metro Manila

Also available in Heima Store’s online website: Www.heimastore.com/collections/happy-home

Photos by Sheila Catillo

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