4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe

Europe is home to an abundance of history and culture. Although there are most visited and loved sites that the general public go to, like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, The Big Ben, and the like, there are some that might be overlooked. Here are some of our picks for underrated tourist spots in Europe.

1. Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made HappyPhoto from www.ciaoamalfi.com

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made HappyPhoto from Rebecca Plotnick

Positano is a town located in Amalfi Coast, the place is getting famous for its vertically aligned and pastel-painted houses. The narrow, winding and long ride along the Amalfi coast going to Positano is already a very attractive and breathtaking scenery. Tourists are able to take good photos at the edge of the Amalfi Coast overviewing the town of Positano. It is also during the ride that we get to taste the freshest fruits that the place offers. It is said that the fruits and vegetables in this area are really the freshest and tastiest due to the filthy rich soil the locals have from the past volcanic eruption. The best way to appreciate Positano is by walking down its narrow aisles and stairs going to the beach side of the town while drinking lemon slush (their specialty) on a hot summer day.

Reaching the beach side is even more stunning with lots of people on their beach wears and bikinis, having a sip or two with the view of the pretty pastel coloured houses fronting the beach.

2. Verona, Italy

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made HappyPhoto from http://tmpv.prod.itsmassive.com/

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made Happy

Photo from http://images.travelpod.com/

They call this the City of Romance which can be attributed to Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. The House of Juliet, where the real-life Cappello family once lived, is a crass and throbbing mob scene. The tiny, admittedly romantic courtyard is a spectacle in itself, with visitors from all over the world posing on the almost believable balcony and taking snapshots of each other rubbing Juliet’s bronze breast, hoping to get lucky in love.

The place gets even busier, thanks to the movie, Letters to Juliet.

3. Mt. Rigi, Lucerne, Switzerland

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made Happy

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made Happy

Photo from https://blog.rail.cc/

Apart from the famous Mt. Titlis in Lucerne, Mt. Gigi is also a highly recommendable excursion trip from Lucerne. The journey going at the top of the mountain is already an adventure and a worthwhile experience. First off is a ride to a cable car for about 10 mins where visitors will be dropped off in the cog railway station which was also the oldest in all of Europe.

The trip going up is already so scenic and breathtaking despite the fogs slightly covering the views. After approximately 10 mins of the train ride, the top of Mt. Rigi is finally reached. It was freezing cold at the top so it was hard to move around. However, the Instagrammer in me could not be stopped from taking  nth photos of the picturesque view from the top of the mountain. We stayed there for about 45 mins to take it all in, breathe fresh air, to be amused by God’s creation.

  1. Burano, Venice, Italy

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made HappyPhoto from IG @daiisy.kid

The Island of Burano is nestled in the Venetian lagoon and is a short boat ride from Venice. It is mostly known for its picturesque colourful houses with variety of flowers growing in their window boxes — the reason why it is also called the photographer’s paradise. Even the laundry hanging outside their houses add up to the place’s vibrancy and colorfulness.

The whole town of Burano is very picturesque as each house is brightly painted. Legend has it that the ancient fishermen had to do it this way to be able to identify their houses easily. What piqued my interest is the island’s peacefulness and serenity despite a handful of tourists in the area. It is still a laid-back and old-fashioned town as most of their stores and restaurants close at 6 in the evening. Being it located in a lagoon, the specialty in Burano is seafood. We’ve tried it first-hand and we can easily say that they have the freshest seafood in all of the European countries we’ve visited (as Venetians would say, they are the best seamen in the world).

4 Underrated Tourist Spots In Europe | Design Made HappyPhoto from pinappleislands.com

But aside from this, Burano is also known for high quality lace-making and artisan lace makers. There are several shops which sell exquisite laces that would cost an arm and a leg. But there are also more souvenir shops that sell affordable lace products.

Article by: Karizza Uy

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