Heima’s 2017 Collection

The numerous collections Heima has gone through the past years has shown how they’ve matured and grown over time. Heima’s humble beginnings started from a small shop in Cubao Expo, where they were born. Heima then transferred to LRI Makati, then now in Brixton.They grew during the friendships formed, memories made, and ideas they shared,  all for the common love and passion for design. They have developed various collections time and again but this time, Heima is about to make the biggest comeback.

“Clean lines, earth tones, modern classics, and whatnot. Stay tuned for what’s in store for you this year and the year to come.”

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made Happy

Material board for 2017 Collection

After much planning and brainstorming by the team, the 2017 Collection is finally out! Mark this day, October 21, 2017 as a fresh new start for Heima as we embark on yet another journey to manifest happiness in every design we provide for our customers. Heima is known for quality design that show happiness in what they provide for their customers. The 2017 Collection brings in our personal and fun style mixed with the classic mid-century style and its quintessential elements, starting a collection unlike any of the ones we have ever done before.

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made Happy

Mood board for 2017 Collection

Inspiration arose from the global travels of IDr. Rossy Rojales and Marketing Director Bong Rojales. Inspired by the classic, Scandinavian style, the 2017 Collection is a celebration of form and function, further recognizing the understated elegance in simple structures. The elements will include light hearted tones, earthy materials, sleek forms, and streamline designs that are pleasing to look at. The happy Heima philosophy is adopted to the new collection in harmony with its straightforward form and it’s play on surfaces, texture, and muted colors.

This collection ranges from furniture, to tables, lighting, home decor, and accessories.

2017 Collection:

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made Happy

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made Happy

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made Happy

Their furniture highlights characteristics of detailed local craftsmanship and individuality, with a touch of eccentricity. These furniture pieces feature streamline and honest elements with a sleek form and comfortable upholstery. 

My Apt Collection:

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made HappyMy Apt Collection 

My Apt is a sub-brand of this collection which provides furniture for the modern gentleman.

Lighting and other accesories:

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made HappyWinka Table Lamps

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made HappyCommunity PlannersHeima's 2017 Collection | Design Made HappyPorcelain Design Letters

Heima's 2017 Collection | Design Made HappyOur famous Olive Room Sprays 

More than the striking aesthetic, each piece in the collection is inspired and bound for every person who will take it home and the space that will house it. What is great about this collection is that you can customize the fabric, colors, and finish to whatever you want to fit your home.

Everyone in the team is very proud to launch this collection and we hope that you will enjoy it as well! Design made happy is definitely achieved in this collection through the whole process . We invite you to take a look at our furniture collection in our Heima Store in Brixton, Kapitolyo! We are definitely looking forward to accompany you and hang with us in the store and share our common love for design.

To see more products available in this collection, check out: 



Visit us at No.103 Three Brixton St. Brgy. Pasig 1603, Brixton St, Pasig, Metro Manila

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