Lovi Poe’s Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad

To all design lovers and enthusiasts out there: Take a glance at Lovi Poe’s dream bachelorette pad. One can surely gain enough inspiration to pattern their space into something as stylish yet comfortable as this design. We got take a closer look at the design of Lovi Poe’s newest place and talked to the designers, Creative Director Rossy Yabut Rojales and Paola Engracia behind it. 

 Inspiration can be found everywhere, and in this case, it was found through clean, minimal, yet elegant pegs. Her dream for her pad could be boiled down into three words: elegant, cozy, and clean. To make this dream a reality, Lovi came to Heim Interiors to help her achieve her design inspiration and to deliver #designmadehappy in no time. 

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made Happy

When it comes to the design process, it is very important to build a good working relationship with your client. This is the initial point that Rossy always imparts to the designers! Designers have to get to know their clients lifestyle, hobbies, even find out about their normal routine on weekdays and weekends to make the space personally fit them.  According to Paola, “It was pretty easy to level with Lovi as we’re almost the same age, and she was very easy to talk to. Aside from her not being able to reply promptly due to her hectic schedule, it wasn’t difficult to communicate with her at all.”

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made Happy

Design inspiration

Heim Interiors’ goal is to always create a viable space that delivers the client’s vision, making it a dream space for the client. Lovi started of by giving design pegs she would want for her own space. With these design pegs and materials, brainstorming with the Lovi, and careful planning, the designers were able to formulate a whole space perfect just for her!

The design concept for Lovi’s pad brings a cozy and inviting space with the use of muted colors and comfortable upholstery. Transitional design of modern lines and classic elements go together in a cozy, elegant home for a relaxing environment. The use of classic elements lend the feel of elegance but at the same time the modern lines help the space refrain from being uptight.

 Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made HappyDining room

According to Rossy, “It was really easy to work with her because from the start, Lovi already knew what kind of design she wanted. She gave a particular shade of blue, a particular shade of pink to use. It was up to Heim Interiors to execute it the way that is perfect for her preference and personality and for her house to have a well executed space planning.”.

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made HappyLiving room – clean and classic with touch of eclectic 

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made Happy Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made Happy


Of course, one detail she insisted on having for her space was to incorporate a blue and white themed design. With this in mind, she also seemed to be fond of the idea of blue & white Moroccan tiles which the designers incorporated in the backsplash of her kitchenette and her bathroom.

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made HappyMaster Bedroom

One highlight that the designers took into consideration was the use of Feng Shui. According to Paola, “The master bedroom in the property’s 3rd floor was actually 2 smaller rooms originally. As per the feng shui master, it would be better for her to combine the two to make the master bedroom. It made for a very spacious room!”

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made HappyWorkspace

Heima provides custom furniture for it’s customers and clients called “Made by Heima”. With most of the furniture coming from that, the designers found it easier to make the furniture in line with the design concept and theme.

Lovi Poe's Elegant & Cozy Bachelorette Pad | Design Made Happy

How does this emanate “Design Made Happy”?

Aside from capturing the look and feel the client wanted for her bachelorette pad, this house embodies Design Made Happy because every space was designed to be utilized efficiently, if not enjoyably, for their intended function. The house is intended to not have just one “favorite spot,” but rather have the whole house be the client’s dream space.

According to Rossy, “Some people think ‘design made happy’ is visual. It means more than that. When we say design made happy, it’s how we deliver the whole experience to our clients in every project we do. We always want to make sure that the experience of clients getting us as an Interior Design firm will never be stressful.”

In the end, it all boils down to the home being a place for casual, relaxed get togethers with friends and family–a retreat from the busy city life. Another project is checked off the list as Heim Interiors almost finish strong as the end of the year approaches.

Client: Lovi Poe

Interiors: Heim Interiors

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