Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc.

In today’s day and age, art and design are slowly but surely being recognized in the Philippine market. People are not only appreciating the aesthetics of a certain design but the form and functionality as well. A Danish furniture brand called HAY has made its way to our country, offering a range of products from home decor to furniture, to offering different categories of decoration, play, office, kitchen, travel, etc.

Who brought it into the Philippines? Why HAY amongst other brands?

We learned from the one and only Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay, the Managing Director of Design Story Inc. who officially brought HAY to the Philippines. She openly shared her thoughts about HAY and it’s current status in our country!

Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made HappyPhoto by @designstoryinc

1. How did Scandinavian design emerge in the furniture landscape in the PH in relation to HAY?
According to Stephanie, “The Scandinavian design trend has been around for a long time, and now it’s a growing trend worldwide. Filipinos have always been very open and appreciative when it comes to design. Hay pieces are well-designed, simple, understated, functional, and durable. They work with different designers worldwide, making sure that people enjoy excellent design at an affordable price tag. With these characteristics, we really believed that the Philippine market would have an appreciation for Hay.”

Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made HappyPhoto by @designstoryinc

2. In what you have observed, how has the reception of the Philippine Market been to HAY?
“The reception of the Philippine market has been really great! In bringing in Hay, we wanted to offer something new to the market. The range of Hay products is so wide, and there so much possibilities with their designs and wide range of finishes. This allows the products to adjust to the different preferences of our clients, but still has that distinct Scandinavian identity.”

Another thing people enjoy when they come to our showroom, is of course the range of accessories that Hay has to offer. Hay accessories are divided into different categories such as decoration, play, office, kitchen, travel, and many more! So there really is something for everyone that you can find in the store. Some of the best sellers would be the Kaleido trays by Clara Von Zweigbergk. These are the colorful trays that come in different colors and sizes. You can mix and match them any way you like! Then there’s also the Time. It’s an hourglass with very sleek design that comes in different colors and sizes too! People love all the gold things on our shelves too, the pens, scissors, trays, etc. I could go all day sharing all the products with you!

Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made Happy Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made Happy

3. Out of all the brands, why did you decide to carry HAY?
– We have been in the furniture industry for almost a decade, and we’ve always been in constant lookout for something new and interesting to offer our clients. We noticed that there is nothing like Hay in the Philippine market yet, so we aimed to be the first one to offer it. We’re very particular with the products that we offer our clients. We consider not only great design, but excellent quality as well. Luckily, Hay has both. It’s also a huge plus that Hay works with some of our favorite designers worldwide such as Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, Hee Welling, and so much more.

Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made HappyPhoto from @haydesign 

4. What are the characteristics of HAY that you really believe in?
– I think I’ve mentioned this before already, but Hay’s philosophy is to offer good quality, excellent design to everyone at a democratic price point. Another thing we love about Hay is always creating, innovating and developing new products, while keeping their Scandinavian roots intact. Since Hay’s beginnings in 2002, they have been constant with their philosophy while creating some of the most iconic pieces along the way. It also helps that just like the founders of the brand, Rolf and Mette Hay, we also love and enjoy what we do!

Design Story
3/F Uptown Place Mall. 36th St, Corner 9th Ave, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact number: +632 8156022

More products of HAY available at Heima Store!

Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made Happy

Brands We Love: HAY by Design Story Inc. | Design Made Happy


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