Tips on Tapestries

Have you ever been faced with a bare wall and absolutely no ideas for what to put on them? The beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder, but not everyone can afford to put up his or her own home gallery without breaking the bank. To that end, we present to you a cheaper but just as impactful alternative: Tapestries. No, not those ancient musty-looking ones that you’d imagine hanging on some castle wall. Surprise surprise, there are in fact some pretty awesome tapestries out there that have been given a modern millenial twist. Below are just a few to get you excited. Be warned, these photos are highly inspiring and, chances are, your walls will never be the same again.

Tips on Tapestries | Design Made HappyPhoto from

Tapestries can add instant texture that you can see and touch to any given space. You could even breathe new life into some of your lola’s funkier printed rugs by repurposing them as wall art!

Tips on Tapestries | Design Made HappyPhoto from Urban Outfitters

 These wall accents can serve as a sort of “vision board”. An image of the world map up on your wall is sure to inspire wanderlust and awaken your inner adventurer.

Tips on Tapestries | Design Made Happy Photo from Live Love In The Home and Urban Outfitters

Not quite able to travel about just yet? No worries. Hang the right one up and a tapestry can easily transport you to your dream destination without you having to leave home (at least for now).

Tips on Tapestries | Design Made Happy 

And really, they’re just plain cute. Need we say more?

Tips on Tapestries | Design Made Happy

Tips on Tapestries | Design Made Happy

You can get your own tapestries locally through here. If you have the chance to explore international options we suggest you check out Urban Outfitters or Society6. Otherwise, there’s the good ‘ol DIY route, and this tutorial is as simple as it gets.

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