ArteFino Fair: Artisans at their Finest

It’s no secret the Philippines has a bounty of talent, just look at the 70 exhibitors at last weekend’s ArteFino. On the penthouse level of 8 Rockwell, artisans and designers showcased the best of the best in Philippine craftsmanship. Every thing from home decor to fashion and even food was in full display.

Our team dropped by on opening to day to draw inspiration and celebrate being a Modern Filipino. Here’s a rundown of the things we loved and drew inspiration from at ArteFino.

1. Balay ni Atong

Centuries old tradition finds it niche in the modern Philippine setting. Balay ni Atong makes use of traditional hand weaving artistry to create contemporary patterns and styles. Expect bold colors and intricate details that would make you and your lola swoon!

ArteFino Fair: Artisans at their Finest | Design Made Happy

2. Casa Mercedes x Monchet y Compania

We have to admit, most younger Filipinos no longer carry a fan in their bags. But with these quirky hand-painted art on these abanico fans, be ready to make a fashion statement worthy of the 21st century.

ArteFino Fair: Artisans at their Finest | Design Made Happy 

3. Good Luck, Humans

In a world where fast fashion rules, the folks of Good Luck, Humans are paving the way for up-cycling otherwise deemed “unusable” fabric. Together with women from low-income households, Good Luck, Humans has created furniture and jewelry from discarded fabric.

ArteFino Fair: Artisans at their Finest | Design Made Happy

4. Filip + Inna

Thanks to Filip + Inna, indigenous textiles, weaving, and beadwork have found a special place in the modern Filipino’s wardrobe. Although inspired heavily by tradition, we find Filip + Inna’s clothing is something you can wear today and decades from now.

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5. Tali Handmade

Tali Handmade products are made using traditional methods of weaving and crochet. Impeccable attention to detail is the standard, as each bag is painstakingly hand made. And who might these skilled artisans be? They are none other than women from rural communities in the Philippines. The enterprise seeks to help impoverished women find an alternative way of earning by creating beautiful products worth any serious fashionista’s investment.

6. Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers

With Christmas just around the corner, our minds were set on holiday gift buying while at ArteFino. One shop in particular offered unique and festive clay models for any Filipino home. Popular models include Christmas scenes and Fiilipino life.

ArteFino Fair: Artisans at their Finest | Design Made Happy


7. Halo Halo

Having been around for several years now, Halo Halo has evolved and slowly expanded their product range. Much different from their first collection featuring monochromatic black and white bags and accessories, Halo Halo’s latest line up offers bags, accessories, and even ottomans in a muted palette featuring tribal prints and patterns.

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