Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors

Heima Home and Lifestyle has always been one of the most prominent interior design and furniture companies in the Philippines. Its unique style and creativity has captured the hearts of many, especially me. I have always been eager to know and learn about the strategies and principles of design of this company. For my OJT (on-the-job training), I finally took the chance and applied for an internship at Heima. I got scheduled for an interview and I am blessed that I got the opportunity.

Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy

My co-interns and I felt both nervous and excited on our first day. In my part, I didn’t know what to expect, but all I know is that I have to make the most out of this opportunity, perform to the fullest of my capabilities, and work on what I need to improve in myself. It wasn’t long before I felt in place because the people at Heima were very accommodating. My first design mentor’s name is Van and he taught me how work on projects well. I’m down to my third week and I thought of sharing with you my experiences. Well, here it goes!

Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy



Heima is the only company I know that specifies everything, and I mean everything! I guess that’s one of the traits that make this company great. From the planning stage of a project to the actual turnover, every little detail is organized. This is something I just don’t carry with me in the workplace. It’s embedded in my mind and now, I organize everything as much as I can even in my personal life. The more organized you are, the faster you progress.

Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy


Great ideas always start with a plan.

In Heima, we begin by meeting the client, talking about their desired vision for their space, and then together brainstorm to come up with a creative design. Moreover, our Schematics Design deck is very important. It is where we wrap up all our ideas and concepts for a certain project to present to the client. With this, I have learned to design with a developed mind and to be sensitive to the client’s needs.

Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy


Growing up, I always thought being stuck in an office for 9 hours, 5 days a week would be dreadful, but not until I got to experience the work in Heima. Aside from the unlimited coffee, the amazing music playlist, and the pretty and innovative interior design of the office, the ambiance and the whole team makes it a whole different place. Everyone here loves what they do and it’s their passion that drives them forward. It is during breaks where you can see how caring and funny everyone is. They share their food, tease each other and laugh at each other’s jokes until your tummy hurts. It’s like a family. They would also invite me to have dinner with them. For the first time in my life I didn’t mind working overtime and how I wish I worked on the weekends. Really, that’s how fun it is to be working in Heima! Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy


“Be like a sponge and absorb all that you can. Make our time and your time here worth.” That’s what my boss says.

Even if Heima has a laid back environment, everyone here gets his or her job done efficiently fast. We have to work, work, and work productively until we get the tasks done so we can move on to the next set. The more projects I finish, the more fulfilled I am. During my free time I observe how others work and be curious to ask questions. At first, I was a bit shy to ask questions because I didn’t want to bother anyone, but you’ll never learn anything if you’re shy. Everyone is accommodating and they would gladly help you with anything that you need. Confidence is key. I have learned to get out of my comfort zone and make the most out of every opportunity I get.


Heima does so much more than just making things pretty. They taught me that design is much more than that. They develop a certain identity that tailored the client’s desire. They get to know their clients really well, that includes their goals, background, needs, and what could be the best for them. Every client is a happy client and that’s what they call design made happy!

Internship Made Happy at Heima and Heim Interiors | Design Made Happy

I can’t think of a better design firm to spend my OJT. I learned so much in Heima and I’m bringing with me all the lessons I have learned in the real world and when I go back to school for my last semester. You can only have so much experience in school, the rest has to be out in a real field. I learned that I must put myself in places and positions, interacting with people around me. Heima really takes care of their interns and they make sure we learn by getting actual work on our hands. They support and push us to become achievers and professionals. This experience molded me not just to be a better designer but also as a better person.   

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