Four Restaurants in Poblacion That Will Be Worth Your Walk

Breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner? You name it, Poblacion’s got it!

1. Kanto Freestyle

Pump Up Your Day with Breakfast at Anytime of the Day!

By Audrey Jaro

Have you ever heard the saying , “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” If that’s the case, who wouldn’t want a delicious breakfast at any time of the day!

Kanto Freestyle is one of the most attractive restaurants located in the busy streets of Poblacion, Makati. If you are a breakfast lover, they’ve got you covered.

People are enticed to its outdoor setting while breakfast is being served. They mostly serve the traditional Filipino breakfast alongside an American breakfast such as waffles and pancakes. Cooking is a treasure trove and an adventure to a foodie lover, but Kanto Freestyle gives a unique experience with its friendly staff over scrumptious food.

Kanto Freestyle is at 5079 P Burgos, Makati, Metro Manila | Instagram

Four Restaurants in Poblacion That Will Be Worth Your Walk | Design Made Happy

2. Bean & Yolk

Cooking Up Sunshine in the Unlikeliest Place

By: Kaitlyn Sy

What spells breakfast better than warm chatter over coffee and eggs?

Located along Polaris Street, steps away from loud watering holes for night crawlers, is a small but cozy all-day breakfast café perfect for an overdue meetup with friends or even, moments alone.

Bean & Yolk gives off a sense of style and relative uniqueness, similar to that of a lovable hipster friend. In the all too night-friendly streets of Poblacion, it’s a godsend to find a reliable breakfast haunt that serves up perfectly-cooked eggs over a satisfying cup of joe in a space that brings about the mix of coolness and warmth that this neighbourhood needs.

With an expanding market for specialty restaurants or cafés with a gimmick, it won’t hurt to get the customers a little bit more than egg-cited to give your business a shot.

Bean & Yolk is at Unit G6 Bel Air Soho Suites St., Polaris, Makati | Instagram

Four Restaurants in Poblacion That Will Be Worth Your Walk | Design Made Happy


3. Bucky’s

Your Daily Dose of Sweet and Salty

By: Sam Bernardo

Bucky’s is a must go-to restaurant located along the alleys of Poblacion Makati. Whether you are alone or with friends, it’s the perfect spot to savor comfort food and spend quality time.

Bucky’s not a brownie! Enjoy eight heavenly flavors of decadent fudge– Original, Chunky Blonde, Super, Yana Banana, Bucks Buckies, Buckies n’ Cream, and Spiced.

You can also enjoy a couple of drinks and craft beer with your closest friends. They have a wide menu selection: from hearty healthy salads, flavorful meals, to their signature homemade fudge and soft serve ice cream! Try one of their best sellers– fried chicken! Two pieces of boneless chicken fried to golden perfection, served with creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and beet salad. Oh, and don’t forget the savory country gravy! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Bucky’s is at 5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City. | Instagram

Four Restaurants in Poblacion That Will Be Worth Your Walk | Design Made Happy

4. The Wild Poppy

Your Friendly Neighborhood Rooftop

By Nina Lim

Located in a humble little street, right a little ways away from the “The Red Light District” is where you can find The Wild Poppy. It is an unexpectedly bright and youthful hangout spot on the second floor of an old converted house that has been capturing curious individuals attentions all over the metro.

The interior was a mix of mid-century modern design and nature in the form of plants and wooden furniture. Along with the vibrant mix of warm colors and string lights, Wild Poppy transports you to a place that you would not expect to have in the middle of such an urbanized area.

They offer a variety of Asian dishes with a spicy twist. From a range of Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian, this restaurant offers something different from it’s neighboring restaurants. Their popular dish, the “Hoi, Belly!” rice bowl, gives a taste of Asia, which has a contemporary mix to it that you cannot find in a traditional Asian dish.

It goes to say that you don’t judge a place by how it looks. Explore new places with a mindset of adventure and curiosity!

Wild Poppy is at 2/F 5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati. | Instagram

Four Restaurants in Poblacion That Will Be Worth Your Walk | Design Made Happy

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