Knit x HEIMA: Make Every Step Happy

Add a dash of color, pattern, and fun to every step with these socks.

At Heima, we strive to make all things happy. This doesn’t only apply to our design projects and furniture pieces, but to every project we get our hands on! So when our friends from Knit rang us up to collaborate on their new sock line, we jumped at the opportunity!
Knit x HEIMA: Make Every Step Happy | Design Made Happy


For months our creative team worked with the folks at Knit to design a sock line. Our goal was to come up with a line that would evoke our philosophy of design made happy.



Pull on a pair of Knit x HEIMA socks to add a touch of happy to your outfit. Quirky patterns and happy colors are sure to draw eyes to your feet. Not only that, but it’ll make each step that much more happy.
Make each step, happy with Knit x HEIMA socks. Now available in select leading department stores nationwide.


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