Hi, Manila is Set to Redefine The Filipino Home

Throughout the years, Heima has always been known for its “live happy” philosophy as a design brand. Characterized by our quirky approach to home and lifestyle, this has been evident in our uniquely-shaped furniture, brightly-coloured fixtures, and popping patterns that our Heima friends and family have come to know and love. But as we celebrate our 8th year of transforming houses into homes, we are going back to basics and paying homage to our roots.

While putting local craftsmanship on the global map has always been the gold standard, our identity remains grounded as a Filipino brand. Our newest collection, aptly called “Hi Manila”, aims to exemplify the local artistic revolution and greet Manila with rekindled vigor and tribute.

Inspired by the city’s rich heritage and history, this collection seeks to bridge the past with the future — adding a flair of modernity to the nostalgic charm which old Manila is synonymous to. Think your grandmother’s stories of dancing to Pilita Corales in a sunlight-bathed patio with a wooden abaniko in hand — but encapsulated in furniture form.  This is the era which Hi Manila would like to translate to today’s language and bring to appreciation, using contemporary silhouettes, refreshing palettes, and the latest in technique and artistry.

Hi, Manila is Set to Redefine The Filipino Home | Design Made Happy

Among some of the collection’s highlights include solihiya-detailed consoles, elegant wood frame shelves, accent chairs, and stain-finished coffee tables. Helping to bring the vision to life are our collaborators, Rachelle Dagñalan and Winnie Wong.

Hi, Manila officially launches at our online store on November 24, 2017. Visit our Instagram for updates.

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