Design is all about form and function; aesthetic and taste. It’s both a science and an art. We love going through the technicalities of design, but we also believe that what really sticks to the memory is just how certain colors can perk up your day, and how a certain style can really inspire you. In and around the bustling metropolis, we’ve found a lot of creative spots – from intimate nooks to grand outdoor spaces, and a lot of local creativity!

Design Made Happy is primarily centered around Interior Design and Home Style, plus any type of design in various fields that brings in happy! We’re pooling in anything and everything that piques our interest, and brings in a shade of happy to our days. From crisp and clean outlines, to unique silhouettes, to warm and cool tones, we’re adding them to our list.


We’re storytellers to all things that inspire and incite creativity through great design. Some of us make up the team behind Heima and Heim Interiors, and we created this blog to create a platform to share our love for design. Our goal is to be an independent design community and cover design in general leaning towards a positive and happy tone. Design Made Happy is our little corner in the internet, and a philosophy that we want to live out and join in with you folks. Hope you enjoy all the stories and creative inspiration we have here, just as much as we do. Enjoy!